Ariana Fowler

Blockchain Strategist @ UNICEF

Ariana Fowler is passionate about the role of frontier technologies in emerging markets as a long-term solution to international development issues. 

She began her blockchain career at ConsenSys, a blockchain start-up based in Brooklyn, where she sat on the Social Impact team, consulting on client-facing projects in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors focusing on the application of blockchain technology as it relates to development and humanitarian aid. She is currently a member of the blockchain team of UNICEF Innovation at UNICEF headquarters in New York, focusing on strategy and empowering children and youth through tech.

Her academic research specialized in refugee-related interventions, as well as the economic implications of the refugee crisis. She has conducted field work in Ghana & Honduras and was awarded the Critical Language Scholarship to study Urdu in northern India.

When not talking your ear off about some fringe tech concept (Black Mirror isn’t as far away as you think!), you can find her on the dance floor—the first out there and the last to leave. Her happy places also include those where she can snorkel, take in incredible art or out in the country in her home state of Texas.

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