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Babita Patel

Humanitarian Photographer / Executive Director / Author @ Spicy Indian / KIOO Project

Babita Patel is on a mission to deepen the world's understanding of each other through photography. As a humanitarian photographer working with nonprofits, NGOs & social enterprises, she has documented the lack of access to clean water in the slums of Haiti, photographed men in maximum-security prisons who found redemption through education and followed a ballet dancer-turned-US Marine around for the day.

Babita’s work has been featured on or in ABC, Al Jazeera, Forbes, The Guardian, HBO, NBC & PBS, and exhibited in New York, Los Angeles & Lisbon. In February 2020, she will become a fresh(wo)man author when with the release of her first book about criminal justice reform, Breaking Out in Prison.

In 2012, Babita founded KIOO Project, an NGO that advances gender equality in economically challenged communities around the world by teaching photography to girls who, in turn, teach photography to boys.

Babita has walked across a bridge into Myanmar, hunted with a Maasai warrior & slept in a Bedouin cave in Petra.

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