Sandra O: Fashionista Living in Color


Tell us about yourself and why you love what you do.
Fashion and media are at my core. I love adding insight that can scale through fashion, lifestyle events or breaking and creating stories that can have an impact on strangers’ lives.

What topics are you most passionate about speaking about?
Besides fashion, that would be anything that involves change in diversity and inclusion and immigration. I draw towards it because of my roots and the experiences I've come across in my career. We are making progress, but still have so much more work to do. We are still fighting to be heard and if I can get on stage and make a difference on just one person’s perspective with my story and expertise, I think that could create incremental change. In order for us to scale further up the ladder, we have to continue to shape minds by getting our voices heard.

How has your culture or upbringing shaped the way you see and approach the world?
My upbringing has had huge impact on my life. I was born and raised for a part of my life in Serbia, which makes me Serbian and Nigerian. It has shaped the way I look at fashion and stories behind individual souls. My parents really raised me to give love for the right reasons and at the same time never take a no for an answer. I'm extremely rooted in culture and my values, and they permeate throughout everything that I do.

What’s something that you’re scared to admit?
Wow that's a tough one. Scared to admit I fear failing.

What’s your “backstage” routine before you go up for a speaking gig?
First and foremost I need to listen to a few tracks of DJ Black Coffee and get pumped up by the spirit behind his music. I go over what the moment is going to look like and once I hit the stage, set or speaking engagement I give it all I have.

What’s your recipe for Badassery?

  1. Being kind

  2. Never giving up

  3. Seeing the door even when it’s painted to not exist

  4. Keeping a healthy relationship with myself

If you had one more hour in the day, how would you spend it?
I’d spend it with my nephew! He is my world and he really adds a unique purpose to this world. I'm seeing every bit of love though his eyes, and every discovery he encounters. He’s making me challenge myself to see what else I can go after and learn for myself.

What’s your life motto?
Live in color.

Check out more about Sandra on her Badassery speaker page and Instagram.

Danielle Letayf