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Vice President @ Worn

Carolyn Rush began her career in journalism, writing stories for local newspapers in Alabama, made a leap to Washington DC and worked in marketing and management consulting. She then rebelled from the corporate world to join Nicole Corbett in starting and growing Worn, a mission-based agency that does impactful work for women and in 2012 opened up the Worn New York office. She leads all ideation, strategy and creative thinking at Worn with a bottomless energy that has earned her the nickname Crush. She's built national campaigns from start to finish for startup brands to Fortune 500s alike. She jokes that the stack of NDA’s on her desk makes her feel more like a secret agent than an advertising executive.

Carolyn lives in Brooklyn and you can find her doing a bunch of different things like: being a doula, teaching Jazzercise classes with her mom or playing the drums (attempting to play the drums).

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