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Danielle Letayf

Founder @ Badassery

Danielle Letayf is the founder of Badassery, and is obsessed with making the world a more connected and inclusive place through community, cultural experiences, and events. 

In her past life she ran community at Shine, a brand that makes it easier to take care of yourself. Previously, she was the Head of Programs and Community for #BUILTBYGIRLS, a social impact brand that’s creating the new wave of tech leaders—who just happen to be teen girls. She expanded the community from 5 to over 15,000 around the country through internships, competitions, events and digital experiences. She created unique programs like Girls Who Fund, an apprentice-based program that shows girls the ins and outs of being an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, and the #BUILTBYGIRLS Challenge, a nationwide pitch competition for tech projects built by girls and judged by girls that she ran with Michelle Obama in 2016.

Danielle graduated from Boston University with a degree in marketing and business administration, and was voted one of 50 game-changing AOL/Verizon women at the 2016 MAKERS Conference. She is based in NYC and loves dancing, wearing anything gold/metallic, traveling, and vintage shopping. And chocolate. Always chocolate. 

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