Elise Schuster

Founder and CEO @ okayso

Elise Schuster got their start in sexuality education at an early age when their conservative family members removed them from sex ed at school (boy did that backfire!). Pre-Google ages, Elise was left to figure it all out on their own. Elise started formally doing sexuality education as a peer health educator in college then worked in a variety of roles including teaching doctors about adolescent reproductive health, slinging dildos (selling sex toys and teaching workshops) at Babeland, and working with LGBT homeless youth. Elise then got a Masters in Public Health with a specialization in sexual health from Columbia University and began working at The Door, a youth center in New York City serving over 11,000 low income teens each year. While there, Elise oversaw capacity building for the organization, providing training on LGBT youth, trauma informed care, positive youth development, and more. 

Elise left The Door to found okayso, a nonprofit with a  free app that connects users with questions about sex and mental health to teams of experts who provide personalized answers and support. In addition to running okayso, Elise loves to talk and train about all things sex and pleasure, gender identity, and youth development. 

Elise’s other great loves include checking out every playground in Harlem with their 3-year-old, reading about anything and everything, eating chocolate croissants, and rollerskating.

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