Kim Leung

Site Reliability Engineer @ Catalyst

Kim Leung is on a never-ending journey to build new things while also showing others that they can do it, too. He is the Site Reliability engineer at Catalyst, a Series-A Customer Success platform that looks to transform the way organizations manage their customer base. His day-to-day consists of telling servers when to turn on and off, monitoring colorful charts that hopefully always stay a flat line and empowering other engineers with tools to succeed and build more efficiently.

Born in Hong Kong and raised in Boston, Kim tried to be a million other things before becoming an engineer. Moving to New York with dreams of being an actor, he eventually graduated from NYU in Mathematics and enrolled in grad school for Philosophy. After spending a summer at Fullstack Academy, a NYC based coding bootcamp, Kim decided to drop out of his grad program to pursue engineering.

He is now a mentor to coding bootcamp grads, giving them the resources to navigate the difficult terrain of changing careers, feeling imposter syndrome or starting your first engineering job. He is also an advocate for equalizing the gender gap in tech because he believes at the status quo, the industry is only reaching 50% of its full potential.

In his free time, you can find him at tech meetups around the city, AWS loft, THINK coffee on 4th ave, Crunch gym or other fitness studios in the city. Follow him on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

Follow him on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.