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Kwame Henderson

Kwame headshot.jpeg

Product Manager @ tumblr

Kwame Henderson has a deep passion for building meaningful things with others and aspires to blur the lines of work & play whenever possible.

He currently acts as a Product Manager at Tumblr, where he oversees product & research for the platform’s visual & creative technologies. Prior to Tumblr, Kwame led growth for Kanvas products until AOL acquired the company in 2015. 

When he’s not working, Kwame enjoys exercising, traveling, ice cream and pigging out on fun projects for his creative agency, Oink Labs. He is also an ally and advocate for inclusivity and diversity in tech and spends time mentoring future technologists in programs such as #BUILTBYGIRLS  and AllStarCode. Kwame studied Marketing & Information Technology at Seton Hall University.

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As a speaker, Kwame's expertise includes:

  • Industries: media, tech, social impact

  • Topics: product management, strategy & business development, customer experience, marketing, community

💰This speaker charges the Brass Tier.

Kwame kept our audience engaged, and was able to communicate a lot of valuable information about the tech industry at a level that was exciting and accessible.
— Upperline Code