Blodgett Headshot.jpg

Lauren Blodgett

Founder / Executive Director / Immigration Attorney @ The Brave House

Lauren Blodgett is an immigration attorney & youth worker in New York City. Lauren is the founder of a non-profit the Brave House, which supports a fierce community of young immigrant women by providing free legal & holistic services. Together they are building a sisterhood and hosting wellness events ranging from self-defense workshops, hip hop dance class, photography lessons, indoor rock-climbing, and art therapy. Lauren has been working in human rights law for over 5 years, from non-profits in Morocco, Thailand, and South Africa, to the State Department in DC, to student clinics at Harvard Law School. She was recently named a Forbes 30 Under 30 for her social justice advocacy. Lauren is an energizer bunny and is often up at 5am running through Brooklyn training for her next marathon or volunteering as a “mischief maker” at Daybreaker - an early morning sober dance rave. Lauren leaves a trail of glitter most places she goes.

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