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Nazila Mathari

Senior Program and Product Manager @ ex-Spotify, American Express, Accenture, Gartner

Growing up as a third culture kid, Nazila Mathari was exposed to five different languages, although she admits that English is the only one that she can speak, read, and write well. She grew up with a great passion for computers and remembers learning programming when she was a child. During her middle school days, visiting the computer labs at the University of Michigan with her dad was one of her favorite past times.  That passion eventually led her to major in Computer Engineering at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. 

She started her career as a management and technology consultant for Accenture and Gartner, where she worked on several engagements for state and local governments, healthcare, and the private sector implementing custom and packaged software systems. She lived the road-warrior lifestyle for a few years and although it was exciting at first, she realized that it wasn’t something she wanted to do long term. 

She switched industries to join American Express where she was a Senior Manager working on lending card product development.  A career move she considers as one of her luckiest is when she joined Spotify, after having been an ardent user of the product for years. At Spotify, she took on several roles including Project Manager, Agile Coach, Interim Head of  Operations, and most recently as Program Manager for a team that creates tools, products, and services for artists and labels. She derives a lot of satisfaction seeing customers use the products that she has helped to create.  

Nazila loves traveling, photography, art and is passionate about developing the next generation of tech leaders. Recently, she has been a mentor for BUILT BY GIRLS, which prepares the next generation of female leaders to step into technology careers.  A lover of learning and meeting new people, you can find Nazila in various tech meetups or attending random lectures in New York City.

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