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Peter Nguyen

Senior Manager, Marketing Operations @ Dataminr

Peter Nguyen took the SYPartners Superpowers test back in 2017 and it pegged him as “systems thinker”, which makes sense given all his roles have required masochistic levels of project management and well, systems thinking... from being a wedding planner in Portland to moving to New York and joining Gilt’s marketing team. He currently manages global marketing operations at Dataminr, a company that’s saving lives and money by giving people the right information at the right time (i.e., beating the news). Peter loves to wax on about anything marketing operations related to lead management, data governance, organizational development, or tech-stack strategies because he deeply believes that you can’t build effective marketing without scale, operationalization, and measurement.?

Peter currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. In his free time, he works on a book about his parents who are refugees of the Vietnam War and in between, as a Taurus, practices radical acts of self-care like weekend mornings at Alamo Drafthouse by himself, laying amongst his uncommon/rare aroids dreaming of owning a greenhouse one day, and planning his social calendar which revolves around aggressively dining (that means, very commonly, multiple dinners a night. His record is four full meals in the summer of 2017 between 7pm and 11pm) and hunting down new restaurants.

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