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Sam Strauss-Malcolm

Founder @ Work Heights and Strauss-Malcolm Inc.

Sam Strauss-Malcolm designs things you can wear and builds spaces you can work in. 

He is the owner of Strauss-Malcolm Inc., a New York City-based design consulting firm that specializes in men’s outerwear, technical sportswear, wearable technology, and emerging material technologies. He notably led design for Ten Thousand, a men's fitness brand launched in 2015 that was awarded Best Training Short of 2017 by Men’s Health Magazine. He was the apparel creative director for Best Made Co. between 2015-17, during which time the company’s apparel business grew from 25% to 55% of the overall business. Other clients have included Converse, London Fog, Vexed Generation, Griffin, Surface to Air, and Salomon. 

While working alone from his home office, Sam got lonely. He missed having other creatives around him, so he founded and built a coworking company in Brooklyn called Work Heights. It’s a growing local community of 70+ independent business owners and entrepreneurs. Established way back in 2014, Sam has now grown the business to 3 locations that he built himself.

Once upon a time in the corporate world before all that freelance invoicing, he was a Senior Designer with Ralph Lauren in charge of Outerwear for RLX and Polo. He oversaw the design and technical development of RLX outerwear, roughwear, swimwear and headwear for the golf, ski and sportswear divisions. He played a key design role in the launch of Ralph Lauren's Black Label Sportswear and Purple Label Sportswear. 

Originally from Maine, Sam lived in London, lived in China, motorcycled India, and is officially a New Yorker (13+ years deep). 

Live, work, badass, repeat.

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