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Simmone Taitt

simmone tait

Simmone Taitt

Founder @
Poppy Seed Health

Simmone Taitt is a sales, innovation and growth strategy leader with experience in technology and startups. She has a knack for building businesses between $0 - $20M and creating blueprints for sustained revenue. Simmone has spent the past 15 years joining early stage startups like Gilt Groupe, SpaFinder (SpaBooker) and KidPass with ownership over the go-to-market strategy and creating diverse sales teams to drive revenue during those critical early days of business.

Simmone is the founder of Poppy Seed Health, a women's health tech platform connecting expecting families and women with medical advocates - doulas, midwives and nurses - with 24/7 support via text, phone and video, robust content and matchmaking.

Simmone is a 5-star at home chef (says the chef), has been in the same book club for almost a decade and has made it her mission to change lives one birth at a time with her doula work. Oh, and she's always in stealth mode on something, somewhere.

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As a speaker, Simmone’s expertise includes:

  • Industries: tech, venture capital, hospitality, health & wellness, apparel & fashion, education

  • Topics: strategy & business development, venture capital

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