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Simmone Taitt

simmone tait

Simmone Taitt

Founder & Principle @
HeartSpace NY Consulting

Simmone Taitt is a sales, innovation and growth strategy leader with experience in technology and startups. She has a knack for building businesses, creating blueprints for sustained revenue and building healthy sales organizations. Simmone has spent the past 14 years joining early stage startups like Gilt Groupe, SpaFinder (SpaBooker) and KidPass with ownership over the go-to-market strategy and creating diverse sales teams to drive revenue during those critical early days of business.

She is the founder of HeartSpace NY, a collaborative consulting agency focused on helping companies reach their fullest potential, stage-by-stage, with breaking revenue barriers, accelerating growth, and investing in a healthy sales ecosystem.

Simmone is a 5-star at home chef (says the chef), has been in the same book club for almost a decade and has made it her mission to change lives one birth at a time with her doula work. Oh, and she's always in stealth mode on something, somewhere.

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As a speaker, Simmone’s expertise includes:

  • Industries: tech, venture capital, hospitality, health & wellness, apparel & fashion, education

  • Topics: strategy & business development, venture capital

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