Stine Bauer Dahlberg_Headshot.JPG

Stine Bauer Dahlberg

Co-founder @ Trouble Inc.

While Stine Bauer Dahlberg wanted to be a European diplomat growing up, the universe had a different plan. First, she landed in startup land, most notably as an early employee at Spotify where she worked on special projects for execs and the CEO. That journey took her to six years at Apple where she led the first-ever rebrand of the App Store. When 2016 came around (*shakes fist*), she felt a calling to work somewhere that more directly contributed to the kind of world she wanted and landed at The New York Times. As the Managing Director, she built the first-ever marketing team embedded in The New York Times's newsroom. 

In 2019 she left to start Trouble Inc. with her friend and former Apple colleague Isabel Tewes. They make creative and casual workwear with a mission is to promote self-expression, confidence, and acceptance in the modern workplace (launching 2020). The name comes from an Apple exec who once saw them walking into a meeting and remarked, “Uh oh, here comes Trouble!”. They thought: Awesome. The world doesn’t change without a little bit of trouble. 

Stine is originally from Sweden and Norway, but left 18 years ago and has lived in many places since, including San Francisco, London, Copenhagen, and Luxembourg. She is currently residing in the East Village of New York where she loves to foster dogs and have friends over for dinner. 

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