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tameka vasquez

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Tameka Vasquez

Associate Director of Marketing @ Eigen Technologies

Assistant Professor of Marketing Management @ St. John's University

Tameka Vasquez is a marketing and business development strategist, startup advisor, professor, and speaker, with nearly a decade of experience working for global technology companies. She is currently working as Associate Director of Marketing at Eigen Technologies, an international artificial intelligence company, and a Professor of Marketing Management at St. John's University. Tameka serves as a strategic advisor to the HR tech startup, Opus AI, and she is a council member of the Disruptive Technologists Think Tank. As a speaker, Tameka explores topics intersecting business, disruptive technology, and human development.

Tameka has done speaking engagements in cities across North America, Africa and Europe. When she’s not working, you can catch Tameka wandering cityscapes looking for contemporary art and kindred spirits. Tameka also enjoys reading nonfiction books and binge-watching standup comedy. She holds a MS in Information Strategy and Knowledge Management from Columbia University.

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As a speaker, Tameka’s expertise includes:

  • Industries: education, social impact, tech, futurism

  • Topics: futurism; intersections of business, disruptive technology, and human development 

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