Zofia Ciechowska etsy headshot strategy operations director

Zofia Ciechowska

Director, Strategy and Operations @ Etsy

Zofia Ciechowska is the Director of Strategy & Operations at Etsy, where she manages the strategic planning and operations rhythm for the executive and senior management teams there.

Previously, Zofia was manager of the Strategy & Operations team at Spotify, where her mission was to design and run the company's strategic planning and execution model, Spotify Rhythm.

Zofia has a passion for managing and encapsulating organizational complexity. She does this by designing and running scalable agile systems for strategic planning and execution, and by coaching teams in responsive ways of working. In all that she does, she optimizes for continuous improvement, people over process, iterative decision-making, fairness and generosity.

In her spare time, you can find Zofia writing articles about music and art, dancing to techno, learning languages, stalking dogs on the NYC subway, eating bread, subverting the patriarchy, wearing glitter, or snorting at bad puns.

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