Bringing together honest, smart, kind-of-weird-in-the-best-way and just generally-killing-it-in-life women to optimize each other's badassery.



Badassery is on a mission to diversify cultural conversations by elevating real, honest and experience-driven perspectives.

Badassery exists to give multicultural professionals a chance to share their story on stage, and connects them with their own crew of badasses along the way. Our speakers are hand-selected, and some of the most brilliant, humble, hilarious (if we do say so ourselves), innovative and honest humans who have a story to tell and perspectives to share on what’s happening in the world, as it relates to their world. What’s even better is that they go through this experience together — monthly in person meetups, private digital communications, a speaker-only directory and more. Because it’s more impactful (and let’s be real…fun) to infiltrate stages, podcasts, magazines, lists together.

We’re over manels (love ya, guys), non-diverse panels, and hearing the lame excuse that event creators “didn’t know where to find them.” Badassery is the solution.

Our partners are just as Badass as our community of speakers.