We’re on a mission to bring real, experience-driven, underheard
voices together and unleash their collective power. 


Badassery is the go-to community for mid-career professionals looking to supercharge their personal and professional growth with a crew that actually has their back (pinky promise).

Each community member is hand-selected, and we are collectively some of the most diverse, passionate, giving, hilarious (if we do say so ourselves), brilliant and honest humans who have a story to tell and perspectives to share on what’s happening in the world, as it relates to our world. 

Through online community, in-person meetups, 1:1 support from the Badassery team and speaking gig opportunities at places like VICE and Harvard, we make sure your stories and perspectives are elevated and heard within this community, your industry and beyond.

Get ready to form new friendships, ask those burning work and life questions in a truly judgment-free zone, have some good ole fashioned fun with your own crew of supportive badasses you’ll truly vibe with, and land some speaking gigs along the way.

We see you, we hear you, and we got you.